myiah.whaley.0061I chose to do my senior portraits through Mr. Fuller Royal because I had heard nothing but positive feedback from his sessions and all the pictures I saw were phenomenal! He made me feel comfortable during my session and took me to several beautiful locations to take my photos. I was completely satisfied with my photos and have used them for announcements and several other things. Mr. Royal is a very professional and experienced man who helped make my senior session an amazing and memorable one! I highly recommend up coming seniors to book a session with Mr. Fuller not only because of his professionalism, but because he makes each student feel beautiful and unique.



It was both an honor and a privilege to capture my senior images with Mr. Fuller. I chose Fuller Royal Photography for my senior portraits because I had viewed some of his earlier sessions and absolutely loved how he captured each image so well. I liked that in my session, I could be me. Mr. Fuller’s friendly personality made my session very fun and super easy. I enjoyed being able to go outside and take pictures after we finished in his studio. I recommend Fuller Royal Photography to everyone. His work is phenomenal and he makes his sessions very “personally yours!”



Growing up I hated when my mama pulled out the camera at every event. She would always say “you will cherish these one day.” I would just shake my head. In seventh grade she gave me the opportunity to have a session with Mr Fuller Royal. I was mad and did not want to go. She had to drag me to his studio. Once I got there I had my mind made up that I was going to hate every minute, not smile, and be ill so that maybe she would not make me do it anymore. Well to my surprise, after the first shot, Fuller was making me laugh. I had relaxed and was actually enjoying it. A year later, I had another session with Fuller after I had been given the chance to enter a modeling contest (in which I was ill and had dreaded. I won my age category and was runner-up overall). I found that with my photo session for the modeling that I had so much more fun and enjoyment with my sessions at Fuller Royal Photography than with any other photographer. I have had five sessions total with Fuller counting my senior session. I highly recommend Fuller Royal to every senior.


evan rave photo

While taking pictures with Fuller, I loved the comfortable and friendly atmosphere he provided. Fuller is well-known in the community and it really comes to life while posing in front of his camera. Friendliness and comfortability won’t create great senior pictures though. That’s where Fuller’s modern techniques come into play. Fuller can turn any senior into one of his masterpieces. I’ve taken numerous portrait sessions throughout the years with Fuller and his senior session was definitely one of my favorites. Senior year can be very expensive for students and his competitive pricing helps students such as myself get what they need to have amazing memories produced.



It was such an honor to have such an experienced and reputable photographer to share such a special milestone in my life. When I was searching for a photographer to shoot my senior portraits, I had no doubt whom I would choose.  Mr. Fuller was my choice because of the high quality of work I had seen him do in past sessions and his many years of experience. He offers many different environments and always has the most up-to-date photography methods.  I wanted someone who focused on ME and not a lot of props around me.  Before my shoot, I was very nervous but after a few clicks I felt like a professional.  He has lots of patience and offers great tips to help capture that magical moment.  He communicated with me promptly and my pictures were ready really quick. Thanks Mr. Fuller for making my senior session a blast!


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I chose Fuller Royal Photography because I had seen the senior portraits he has done for past seniors and they are always amazing. My session was great and I had so much fun working with him in so many different settings. He lets you choose what you like and gives you so many options with everything.